Insurance Types
    Fire Insurance  
    Motor Insurance  
     Health Insurance  
    Overseas Travel Insurance  
  Procedure for getting an insurance policy  
  You need an insurance cover. You propose to insure your goods to an insurance company. The latter verifies the condition of the goods, type of cover you need and fixes a premium. You submit the details about the goods truthfully with the premium. The insurance company verifies and accepts. In other words you make an offer (proposal), pay a consideration (premium). It leads to receiving (acceptance) by the insurance company.

In order to record above transaction the insurance company offers a policy (agreement). The policy contains terms and conditions of the agreement. It mentions the details of goods covered, duration of the cover, the name and address of the proposer, name of the interested bank, what it covers and does not cover.

The insured is to.

- Write the details of the goods and answer the questions in the proposal form truthfully. He can not hide anything. In short, he has to write the facts.
- Read the policy once it reaches him and note the exclusions and duration etc.
- Renew the policy without a break. No loss is paid for if it occurs during the break. Moreover, certain benefits are lost as it happens in health insurance.

We provide guidance on above points throughout the policy period. We ensure that the policy covers your needs and when a loss occurs it is paid quickly and correctly.