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  An insurance broker helps at various stages of insurance such as ascertaining the risk, suggesting reduction of risks, acceptance of premium and issuance of policy, settlement of claim arising out of loss. A broker oversees above work from the beginning to the end with a combination of guidance, suggestion, hands-on help till the job is finished.

Ascertaining the risk – We inspect the risk to understand its nature. If it a complicated risk like a chemical factory, we take help of an engineer. The report mentions the nature of risk, possibility of perils happening, measurers to minimize the risk and type of insurance cover needed.

Reduction of risk – The physical reduction of risk is very important. If the risk factors are reduced or eliminated the losses are avoided. It helps the owner, the insurance company and the nation as a whole. We suggest them to stack goods away from the wall with enough gap for people to move and air to circulate, to keep inflammable goods at a separate place, not to leave new machinery in the open, cut the grass in the compound which may catch fire, conduct regular drills of fire fighting department, follow the standard operating procedure for welding and make a habit of complying with safety rules.

Acceptance of premium and insurance of policy – When it comes to insure the goods, we sit with the insurance companies to negotiate the best rates. We take their service level into account. We decide the coverage in consultation with the insured and place the business with the selected company. We don’t charge anything to the client for our service. Our remuneration comes from the insurance company.

The proposal form and premium cheque are deposited with the insurance company. They issue the policy. We examine it to see that the coverage and the terms set are as desired. Then the policy is handed over to the insured.

Claim settlement – If there is a loss we guide the client from the first day till the claim is paid. We collect right papers and information from the insured and submit them to the insurance company. We always take care that the right amount is paid to the claimant at the earliest.

We may say that a broker renders 360 degree help to the client.