Kejriwal Group



The dedicated and dependable stock broking team in Kejriwal Group of Companies is committed to guide the investors in the lucrative but tough trading sector of equity with all its expertise in stock market on a personalized level.

Keeping in mind the requirements of our ever growing client base we offer a comprehensive range of financial services including:

  • Stock broking and stock trading,

  • Investment management and advisory services,

  • Equity analysis,

  • Underwriting of new issues, Follow on issues, and

  • Loan syndication.

Armed with the membership of NSE and BSE our countrywide network continuously tries to improve the knowledge base with continuous market research in equity investments. Our network enables the investors to interact with almost all quoted scripts in India. Our equity research department is committed towards helping the investors achieve maximum returns from stocks with least risk and often come up with innovative strategies and recommendations for diversification of portfolios and wealth management. Based on ethical and value based personalized services, we have succeeded in achieving the trust of a host of prestigious clientele and are aimed at becoming the most dedicated and dependable financial services provider in the country.



We at Blue Crust Commodities (a wholly owned subsidiary of Kejriwal Group) offer our clients commodity brokerage services in the commodity markets involving Grains, metals, oil, crude, etc. Our personalized services in commodity trade and investment through our competent and knowledgeable team of professionals involve trading of commodity derivatives in terms of futures and options.
 We aim at providing our clients with options to diversify their wealth management portfolios with low investment and best market prices. The commodity trade in terms of futures and options generally takes place through commodity exchanges. We conduct the trade through MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange), which is an ISO9001: 2000 certified demutualised nationwide electronic multi commodity futures exchange recognized by the Government of India for online trading, clearing and settlement of operations of futures market. It has a daily average trading volume of Rs.10,000 to 12,000 crores comprising all commodities. With the launch of futures trade in gold guinea a daily average trading volume of Rs.10 crore has been added to the trade volume of MCX. Our services through MCX as well as our nationwide network and powerful research team are capable of catering to the investors with the services uniquely fitted to the requirements of exchange based commodity trades.
We provide our clients with trust based and ethical personalized services and guide them through the huge investment opportunities available in commodity market related to grains, metals, oil, crude, etc. Our experienced client support team provides the investor with:

  • Market knowledge,

  • Regular market comparison reports, and

  • Trading guidance.

Our mission is to help clients in making informed investment decisions in commodity trade. Our commodity brokerage services are aimed at assisting clients in their wealth creation through continuous research, innovation and providing the clients with phenomenal growth opportunities. 



Trading in currency derivatives or Forex trade as it is better known is a very lucrative investment option in India. We, the Kejriwal Group of Companies, provide our services as the retail Forex brokers to our esteemed clients on a personalized level . Our extensive research based speculations help the clients to choose the right currency to trade with and help them secure maximum benefit from the investment. Our online Forex brokerage services are committed to provide better and faster execution of this difficult trade on behalf of the investors in the simplest manner.
As an authorized broker for NSE & MCX we take a personalized approach to guide the investors in the currency trade to ensure the maximum investment profits with least risk. Shielding the investor from the downfall in the currency market keeping in mind his personal interest is guaranteed through the recommendations made by our competent research team. Our team of technical analysts ensures continuous hedging of the investment risk  in the trade involving currency futures. Our membership at NSE and MCX helps our clients dealing in currencies to derive immense benefits by hedging their requirements. Thus we are devoted to providing informed and holistic solutions to the specific needs of the clients in managing all aspects of the currency trade. 



With a group of highly motivated and experienced professionals in the field of insurance, we at kejriwal group offer a host of insurance brokerage services in both general and life insurances.

  • We ensure the security of our clients through our personalized services in terms of the best life insurance coverage with least possible premium considering the needs and budget of the clients.

  • Apart from the life cover our general insurance services include :

    • Hospitalization policy,

    • Personal accident insurance,

    • Shopkeeper’s policy,

    • House holder’s policy, motor insurance,

    • Tailor made insurance for factories, schools, nursing homes, hotels, etc.

Our services as insurance brokers represent the clients to the insurance companies with our methodical expertise in technical rating, underwriting, actuarial service, claim processing, engineering, etc. Armed with the license from IRDA we promise greatest security for our clients in this endeavor. Our personalized approaches begin right from choosing the best insurance option available in the industry for our clients to maintaining the policy and the cover throughout the time period and finally help the clients in settling the claims within the shortest possible time span. With our ever improving knowledge and skills we provide our clients with complete risk management services along with the value addition in terms of free underwriting consultancy services, optimal coverage for insurance, free claim services, awareness of prevailing insurance market, awareness of financial strengths of insurance companies and total support throughout the policy period.