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The dedicated and dependable stock broking team in Kejriwal Group of Companies is committed to guide the investors in the lucrative but tough trading sector of equity with all its expertise in stock market on a personalized level.

Keeping in mind the requirements of our ever growing client base we offer a comprehensive range of financial services including:

  • Stock broking and stock trading,

  • Investment management and advisory services,

  • Equity analysis,

  • Underwriting of new issues, Follow on issues, and

  • Loan syndication.

Armed with the membership of NSE and BSE our countrywide network continuously tries to improve the knowledge base with continuous market research in equity investments. Our network enables the investors to interact with almost all quoted scripts in India. Our equity research department is committed towards helping the investors achieve maximum returns from stocks with least risk and often come up with innovative strategies and recommendations for diversification of portfolios and wealth management. Based on ethical and value based personalized services, we have succeeded in achieving the trust of a host of prestigious clientele and are aimed at becoming the most dedicated and dependable financial services provider in the country.